MoonGate is an open source, real-time strategy game engine for Xbox 360 and Windows platforms presented at the IADIS GET 2010 conference. MoonGate’s main purpose is to attract academics, students and hobbyists to learn by creating games and give them an opportunity to study various problems easily.

This is possible via providing understandable and customizable educational environment accompanied by a repository of components, which are easy to read and reuse with no need to study non-related parts of code, like it is common in other engines. MoonGate promotes simple extensibility through usage of reusable components, custom content pipeline extensions that allow easy creation and import of game content and tweaking without the need of source code recompilation.

Its exibility allows, besides the creation of a game in one of the most popular game genres, also exploitation of Xbox 360’s hardware for variety of tasks, ranging from shader development, rendering of terrain through particle systems to visualization of AI algorithms, which are very tightly bound to this game genre. At the moment, MoonGate is used by individuals and small teams throughout the world, who are using it as a base for custom strategy games and as a platform for experimenting with algorithms from various research areas.

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