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Game Access 2017 – Indie Report

Two weeks after the previous game conference we attended (see our Reboot Develop 2017

Reboot Develop 2017 – Indie Report

In the 4th year of our studio, we have a solid lineup of

The Great Wobo Escape released on iOS!

Dear friends and gamers, We are happy to announce that The Great Wobo

The Great Wobo Escape @ iOS


You may play The Great Wobo Escape on iOS as well. Visit to see the game in the App Store.

The Great Wobo Escape @ Steam

Stay in touch with us on Steam and receive updates on PC version of The Great Wobo Escape here:
. Thank you!

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We are small but skilled indie game development team from Brno, Czech Republic. During the last five years we have developed popular games for all major platforms in Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem – from desktops through Xbox 360 to Windows Phone. Our major titles Firefighters: Whatever it takes! and Yggdrasil: The Tree of Life were world finalists in Microsoft Imagine Cup, Game Design category.

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