We are expanding our team! See below to find a role that fits your profile (current or desired) and contact us. We will reach back to you immediately. See what were up to so far in our Portfolio.

Many years of experience in creating/programming games is not strictly required, but playing through countless games is! It is the only way to practice and evolve your 6th sense about what will work and what will not. Which is the most important skill for any indie game developer. Well, that one, lots of passion and willingness to work hard. We warned you :)

On top of all that, we are looking for professionals of all ages who are willing to put their effort and passion into building an indie game studio. With all the sacrifices that it takes…

Working with us can guarantee you:

  • full credit for your work or contribution
  • creative freedom *
  • state-of-the-art tech and best practices
  • professional development
  • everything else we agreed on, because we keep our word
  • cool and easy minded team of gamers

We are looking forward to work with new…


* – yes, you guessed right, terms and conditions may apply here!