FireFighters: Whatever It Takes! / 3rd place Imagine Cup 2011 - Game Design

FireFighters: Whatever It Takes! was developed for Imagine Cup 2011 competition which is organized by Microsoft every year. We are proud to say than we ended on 3rd place in Game Design category. The game is a realtime strategy game which focuses on wildfires prevention. Player is supposed to extinguish fire as fast as he can and thus save the largest area of forest possible and all civilians threatened by the fire.

It’s up to the player to find the optimal strategy how to fight the fire by utilizing several different types of firefighters and vehicles. Each unit’s firefighting abilities can be boosted with purchased upgrades. The player decides which upgrades are the most suitable for every mission. The game features our own powerful 3D engine built on the XNA framework. This enabled us to incorporate elements like realistic water, fire spreading, large detailed terrain and intelligent units behaviour into the gameplay, which enhance player’s gaming experience. This way we are able to spread knowledge about the danger wildfires present to the environment and show the risks involved in saving the forests.

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