S.M.I.L.E. system (Smart Multipurpose Interactive Learning Environment), Bachelor’s Thesis and Imagine Cup 2007 competition entry in Software Design category, is an automatic adaptive educational game generation system. Going a step further than interactive online tutorials, it allows generating and playing serious games in a three-dimensional adaptive game world. It is designed like Role Playing Games, where the player controls an avatar and has to solve quests and other tasks.

This innovative concept aims at motivating students to learn more eff ectively, by combining learning with enjoyment and fun. Teachers are able to transform study materials into exciting educational games with very little eff ort and no programming expertise required. Educational materials can be text, pictures, videos, audio files or Flash elements.

The players’ level of knowledge can be evaluated as well, as they navigate through the virtual world made of quests. S.M.I.L.E. is intended for self-training and raising the players’ level of knowledge. It encourages learners to train and educate themselves before the tests. The level of forgetfulness may also be measured by testing students on tasks and questions they have previously successfully answered.

One of the main advantages of S.M.I.L.E. is its adaptability. The game’s landscape can be generated automatically according to properties of game objects, the difficulty levels may vary, taking into account information accumulated in learner’s or group’s profi les. The user interface is also very flexible, and can be confi gured so that handicapped people can use it as well. For example, voice recognition may be employed, and the user interface can also be displayed on mobile devices.

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