The Great Wobo Escape

Help the high-tech robot Wobo in his epic runaway story from a destiny of an enslaved, disposable mining cog to his dreamed freedom.

Alone and unarmed, your only chance is to hide in shadows, use the environment to your favor while crushing the dieselpunk enemies. Stealth-adventure full of action in atmospheric sci-fi locations combined with creating diversion, causing chaos and avoiding tricky hazards. The fate of your small buddies, crushed by heavy mining work in dozens is also in stake!



Gif-Death-v3 [animated GIFs – click to play





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  • Carly M. – Android: “…my little boy and I was really enjoying this. Best game we’ve played for ages.
  • Watch Tower Gaming – Preview: “Can not wait to play it…
  • Punching Beta- Preview: “The Great Wobo Escape is shaping up to be an epic success!
  • Joseph, US – Steam Forum: “This game looks epic.
  • Kelly, Australia – Steam Forum: “cool
  • Craig, US – Steam Forum: “I am most certainly intrigued by the concept! Interested about the gameplay mechanics.

Key Features

    • Fast-paced action-filled stealth game full of puzzles, deadly enemies, hidden passages, dangerous traps and tricky hazards
    • Unique visual style – play as a futuristic high-tech robot, fight steampunk/dieselpunk mechanical enemies of various sizes and shapes
    • Beautiful 3D graphics – pushing limits of mobile devices with detailed, high-res textures, environments and characters, visually rich effects, motion-captured animations
    • Rich story in an absorbing sci-fi world – exploring a thin line between a machine and a living intelligence, where mining colony’s AI went rogue and persecutes other robots
    • Unlock additional bonus content and new modes or character’s bonuses through completing optional objectives, finding secret routes or achieving a certain score
    • Approachable by young audience – no blood, just a comic mischief with a pinch of sabotage towards evil robots!


The game is most of all an epic escape of the main character – a state of the art high-tech robot named Wobo. As in every escape, you first have to figure a way leading to an exit by finding the right path out of many possibilities. Navigating Wobo through a maze of tunnels in various locations is not just about using elevators and bridges, pushing levers, unlocking doors and finding the hidden passages. To stay safe and advance you also have to avoid hazards, eliminate dangerous traps, clear obstacles in your path and solve clever puzzles.

As Wobo is unarmed, he must stay away from security cameras and turrets to avoid raising the alarm that would compromise his escape. A face to face encounter with any enemy would be deadly. The only way to stay alive is to outwit enemies, hide in shadows and blend in with his surroundings.

Saving his small buddies – Woblings brings optional yet challenging twist to every level.

Backers and supporters

We are very grateful to all our 147 backers from Czech & Slovak crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to them, it was a success – we have raised over 100.000 czk, generated lot of buzz in local game media and got lots of feedback. Here are the 33 of them, for who we reserved a special thank you!

Marek Šolóny Luděk Linduška Dr. Hruška Karel Pospíšil
Milan Wilczák Vojtech Petras Ladislav Kučera T. Kral
Marko Divéky Juraj Cinkela Marcel Trubač Martin Senko
Michal Španěl Jan Tlukoč Abstergo Róbert Pačík
Jiří Valasek Karol Pagáč Ramon pán hráč
Jan Pokorný Michal Krejčí Jozko Janoska Aleš Kovařík
Mr. Gamer Václav Kočí René Procházka Tonda Potůček
Michal Hupka Martin Korbáš Fero Lacko Leoš Hubáček
Pavel Richter

Special thanks

Our precious backer is Ertea Group.


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